Monday, October 15, 2012

How can we make Americans respect us?

How can we teach Americans that Mexico is not just another third world country? It is sickening for some of us to open WEB sites that treat Mexico and Mexicans as if they were from a strange land, incapable of coping up with the «Great American Way».

They should be informed that the Mexican Peso is a truer currency than the American Dollar, simply because it's backed by a Government that is not playing with deficit—and charging it to the rest of world—like the US Government is doing.

I'm sick and tired of seeing web sites made by Americans, incapable of adding the Mexican currency as one more currency with which they would be able to do business with.

Is there something that I don't know about doing business with Mexico and Mexicans? We're stupid enough in Mexico to be using Windows 7 over Linux—unlike they do in Europe. So, we are more partners with American Business than with business anywhere in the world. Thousands of kilometers in common boarders make of us natural partners.

The terrible violence generated by the drug cartels in Mexico is nothing more than a consequence of the Americans needing the substance, buying it, generating a demand, which reflects in the cartels killing themselves in the streets of our cities and towns, corrupting all levels of governments.

Our president decides to combat these criminals. The American government is perfectly informed of the attitude of the Federal Government being a genuine one. Their internal intelligence knows in detail the strength and determination in the Mexican President's decision. They know it isn't only a political affair, a stage to show off; they know better than any Mexican that the so called «war on drugs» in Mexico is real. And what do they do to back it up? Nothing!

There are a bunch of anti-Mexicans among the media «big men». They love to spit out words of contempt against Mexico and the Mexican efforts to change things. Today, in 2012, Mexico is a different nation from what it was 12 years ago. Can the Americans recognize that? Yes, they can, but they don't want to recognize that they recognize it. The Media Giants continue with an attitude that does exactly the opposite of helping.

It is that lack of support from the international media that has resulted in the electoral behavior of this past July 1st. People in Mexico are confused. They don't really understand what is happening. Whatever the international media publishes, becomes the background of the Mexican national media; even if the local media contradict what is said internationally, the Mexican public would have a different frame of reference.

It's time for some intelligent Americans to speak out on behalf of the real change that has taken place in Mexico since December 1st, 2000. The process is now over and power is going back to the same political group that kept Mexico a third world country for 100 years, making it enter a process of counter-development that was completely halted and reversed during the years of real government (2000-2012). Growth? Did you say GNP growth? The worst world crises took place within these last 12 years. Take a look at the world around and see which country was able to overcome the consequences with the least harm to their people.

Yes, that country was Mexico! Viva México! This time it's for real. A renowned economist in Europe suggested that the Mexican economy looked as if it were from another planet! It was one of the few economies doing well, in spite of the destructive crisis the Mexicans suffered in 2009, due to the AH1N1 virus unexpected looming.

So, what is it that Americans don't seem to be willing to understand from Mexico? Rest assured: We aren't trying to make us or anybody else believe that Mexico is the gate to heaven. What is really important—and it's that what needs to be accounted for—is the real changes that have taken place in the daily life of the country. A lot is going on, especially now that we are a nation of free media, some of them especially conscious of what the public needs and the country deserves.